Just Suppose & Level Up: Tali Sharot: “How to Motivate Yourself…”

3 Considerations Toward Motivation

In her TED Talk “How to Motivate Yourself to Change Your Behavior,” Tali Sharot discusses the ways in which social incentives and other psychological factors can influence an individual’s motivation to change their behavior and pursue their goals.

Ms. Sharot argues that one of the key factors that can influence an individual’s motivation is the presence of social incentives – rewards or recognition that are provided by others for achieving certain goals. She suggests that social incentives can be a powerful motivator, as they provide a sense of validation and accomplishment that can help to sustain an individual’s motivation over time.

Ms. Sharot also discusses the role of immediate rewards in motivation, arguing that they can be a powerful tool for encouraging behavior change. By providing individuals with small, immediate rewards for achieving specific goals, it is possible to help sustain their motivation and encourage them to continue working towards their larger goals.

Finally, Ms. Sharot highlights the importance of progress monitoring – or the ability to track and measure progress towards a goal – in motivation. She argues that seeing tangible evidence of progress can be a powerful motivator, as it allows individuals to see the results of their efforts and stay motivated to continue making progress.

The above mentioned YouTube Video can be viewed here: Tali Sharot Motivate Yourself

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