The basis of hypnosis is focused relaxation. That seems like a good start for any process of change. And, because that’s a good place to start it is the initial phase of most hypnotic processes. I use it successfully with my clients. Hypnosis is also a process of interrupting patterns of unwanted behavior. That may sound a little ominous but interrupting a pattern of stress seems like a good thing, doesn’t it? Ending a bout with insomnia, with restful sleep, sounds like a good thing too, doesn’t it?

I guide you through a simple process of hypnosis that encourages, and instills, relaxation and focus. I provide you an audio recording and I explain how you can use my audio recording to enter the same relaxed state in the comfort of your home. In time, you decide whether to use the audio recording, or use your own imagination, to create this deeper feeling of relaxation and focus. It’s completely within your control and pace. The more you practice the better the experience.

I also provide you with instructions on quick stress management techniques you could use any time. One technique can be used while walking and I have even used it while driving.

This is the place to start if you’d like to reduce stress and improve your sleep. Because I would like to share these techniques with as many as possible, I have an introductory offer.

Individual Appointment at $35

Groups of 2 or more persons at $20 per person

This includes all the above.

Uncover the ability you already have, to feel truly relaxed, focused and refreshed.

I look forward to hearing from you.