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Thank you for considering me for your change of perspective. You’ve arrived at a certain point. It’s the point where I’ve heard other clients use a revealing phrase. And the phrase is “now that...” Now you’ve decided to do something different. You’ve decided to do something different and now, much more than before, you find yourself prepared to act on that decision.

You’ve come to the right place and I’m pleased to assist you.

What is HYpnosis?

Well, you’ve experienced hypnosis if you’ve daydreamed or driven a car and arrived at your destination without really thinking about the journey.  You’re already doing hypnosis.  I’m just going to show you how to do it better.  The focus is on you in a relaxed and quiet environment. 

First, let’s consider that you attempted to use will power to make your desired change.  And, at present, you find yourself short of your goal.  There is a positive result to that outcome: you’ve gotten feedback from your attempt and you realize a different approach is needed. 

So, what is hypnosis?  Let’s go back to driving the car.  You’re driving the car and I’m the front seat passenger giving you directions.  Now, you are in control all the time.  You control the pace, the direction and whether we move forward, pause or stop.  This isn’t just a cute metaphor.  This is hypnosis.  You are relaxed, focused and in control and you will recognize your own resources as well as new choices for making your change.  I’m only guiding you to what you’re already capable of.  That’s it.

And the best part: it’s completely natural!  There are no artificial additives in your hypnosis!

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What are your goals?

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