There are numerous ways to lose weight.  You may have tried a few plans. Any healthy, appropriate, method might work if you stick with it. Most likely you know what you need to do.  Most likely, in the past, you may have done what you need to do.  I assist you to commit to your desired plan and see it through into the future.

Weight loss, weight release, healthy weight loss is a process that takes some time. But the personal satisfaction of gradual weight loss can be very gratifying. In the future, you find yourself as the person you wanted to be. And you can be feeling healthier and more active.

My plan includes a specifically tailored plan based on your desires and perspectives. All my plans include:


  • An audio recording to enhance your desired goals.


  • Instruction on self-hypnosis so you can relax and recall your plan for weight loss.


  • Several quick stress management techniques to block any cravings and bypass them.


If you have made it this far, then you have reached the point of scheduling a strategy session.  Click the button below.  It’s free and you’ll receive more details on why hypnosis may be right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!