A fear is an interesting case of single incident learning. It shows how powerful the mind is in protecting the person from a perceived harm. A single incident of perceived danger causes the mind to create a permanent record to avoid that situation. There may have been a reason, or a perceived reason, to have this fear in the past. But now the past is past, and the fear is no longer helpful in the course of daily living. The fear may present itself at times that interfere with personal satisfaction.

Is it time for you to release a fear that is interfering with your personal life? If your objective is to remove the fear, then hypnosis will help unlock your resources, so you take control of how you feel. The process is simple, you are aware at all times and can stop the process at any time. In effect, you have already hypnotized yourself to accept a certain fear to be true. I’m going to show you how to use hypnosis to your advantage to get past this fear.

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