I’m confident you can quit smoking.  Why?  Because I did.  I smoked for decades and I can relate to the concerns of the smoker.  For me, I just felt it was time to quit in order to feel heathier.  For you, it might seem the same: feel better, smell better and have more money for other essentials or pleasures. 

What I realize, as a prior smoker, is that you are already a nonsmoker.  You only smoke when inhaling a lit cigarette.  Unless you’re chain smoking constantly (and smoking in your sleep) then you’re already a non-smoker to a certain degree. And maybe you’re a nonsmoker more often during the day.  Your new objective is to be a non-smoker all the time.  So, I know you are already on your way there.  You just need a change in perspective and your relationship with cigarettes, and tobacco in general, will be over.  And once you quit, you’re not a nonsmoker, you’re just you without a label.

You will quit after one visit.  I’m so convinced that I will guarantee your success.  I am committed to this as a prior smoker.  If you ever have concerns, then I will see you again without charge.  Just call and we’ll schedule. 

My plan includes a specifically tailored plan based on your prior experience with smoking.  We discuss the situations and the “triggers” that previously caused you to feel you needed a smoke.  All my plans include:

  • An audio recording to enhance your desired goals.

  • Instruction on self-hypnosis so you can relax and recall your desire for quitting.

  • Several quick stress management techniques to block any cravings and bypass them.

And hypnosis is a completely natural process of uncovering the ability and resources you already have! No drugs, no chemicals, just the power of your own mind…which is awesome!
If you have made it this far, then you have reached the point of scheduling a strategy session. Click the button below. It’s free and you’ll receive more details on why hypnosis may be right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!