Just Suppose & Level Up Blog*

“One can pretend anything and master it.” ~~~ Milton Erickson~~~**

Disclaimer: The “Just Suppose & Level Up Blog” shares ideas in exploring personal progress as derived from various sources.  It is intended as information only and is not intended as advice to engage in any specific physical or mental activity.  Always consider whether these ideas, concepts, techniques & activities are right for you & always confer with your health professionals. Those persons with mental health concerns should confer with their health care professionals prior to considering items mentioned in any content of this blog.

In my research related to my hypnosis practice, and personal curiosity, I discover techniques and concepts related to hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, focus and gaining rapport with other people.  The “Just Suppose & Level Up” Blog, and Email Newsletter, are intended to share these techniques and concepts.  The phrase “Just Suppose,” as a leading phrase, creates the idea that a possible alternative could exist and its consideration could be a benefit. The phrase “Just Suppose” opens the lines of communication where they might have been closed.

“Level Up” is a phrase taken from video gaming and intended to give a sense of accomplishment (leveling up) in personal progress.

Thank you for reading my blog posts and perhaps one of the posts will catch your interest and your imagination.



*The phrase “Just Suppose” appears in the book “Modern Persuasion Techniques” by Donald J. Moine & John H. Herd

**Milton Erickson was a well known hypnotist and developed the Ericksonian Method of Hypnosis.  This method is typically conversational and significant in the field of hypnosis.