Smoking And The Feeling Of Calm

Why Smoking Cigarettes Might make a person feel calm when it probably shouldn’t

Smokers will suggest they feel calm while smoking and that sense of calm seems to make the habit hard to end.  As a prior smoker, and hypnotist, I have my own opinion as to why smoking seems to have a calming effect when in reality it shouldn’t.

The reason smoking should not have a calming effect is because smoking causes the constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) and reduces oxygen to the body.  These physical changes should cause the smoker to feel more agitated or anxious.  Why then should smokers suggest they feel more calm while smoking?

This may be a situation of mind over matter (in a negative way) and similar to the hypnosis process.  In hypnosis, we relax the mind by focusing on relaxing the body and focusing on breathing.  Smokers will similarly focus on the cigarette in hand (the body).  They will also, if only momentarily, mentally focus on the act of smoking, excluding all other thoughts.  This is also done while focused on breathing as smoking requires the inhalation of the cigarette smoke.  The mind/body connection may also be reinforced by the chemical (nicotine) in the cigarette. 

Certainly, there will be times when the frequent smoker has a cigarette burning in an ashtray, or in the mouth while doing an activity.  However, there will probably be more times when the smoker is very conscious of the cigarette in hand and focusing on the activity.  So, the physical, and mental, activity of smoking create a feeling of psychological relaxation.  However, the physical activity is actually creating stress on the body. 

I suggest a self hypnotic process has been created with the handling of the cigarette (physical body), the mental focus (mind) of the activity and the process of breathing.  These are the three elements involve in the hypnotic process. Then, in essence, the act of smoking becomes a form of self hypnosis over time. Since I’m familiar with this concept, I believe I have a significant understanding of how to meet with smokers to end smoking.

The following article summarizes Smoking & Vasoconstriction.

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