Jennice Vilhauer: Expectations

Jennice Vilhauer is a psychologist actively working with her clients to improve their outcomes by assisting them to change their expectations.  Ms. Vilhauer begins her TED talk by defining expectation: “An Expectation is a Belief about whether or not you’re going to get what you want. Expectation plus Action equals creation of your life experiences.”   Ms. Vilhauer confirms that our minds have the habit of anticipating outcomes. This is another example of “The Self-fulfilling Prophecy.”

Ms. Vilhauer suggests a method for improving outcomes with 3 questions:

  • “How is what I’m expecting making me feel?”  If the expectation is positive, then stay with that feel going into the situation.  If you’re not feeling positive then consider the next step.
  • “What would I like to have happen, instead (of what is expected)?”  What this question identifies is what you really do want in this situation.  What you want is often the very thing that you are not expecting. 
  • “What do I need to do to make what I want happen?”  Instead of generating constructive thoughts and ideas on how to make it a success, your mind dwells on the negative aspects. However, when you’re presented with a well-crafted plan detailing the steps to achieve your desired outcome, your perception begins to alter, and you start to envision the possibility of success. This shift in mindset marks a significant turning point. As you take successful actions towards realizing that plan, your expectations gradually evolve.

Ms. Vilhauer comments that the past is not necessarily a predictor of the future.  A positive outcome is possible by alternating parameters and circumstances can change with time.  It appears that anticipation of better outcomes can lead to those desired outcomes.

Ms. Vilhauer’s Video is about 13 minutes and she shares examples of work with her clients.

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