Ellen Langer: Counterclockwise: The Mind Back In Time

Living in The Past (Of Prior Better Existence) To Improve Perspective

Ellen Langer is a social psychologist and professor at Harvard University who has conducted research on the effects of mindset on various aspects of health and well-being. The “Counterclockwise Study” is a famous example of her work in this area.

In the study, completed in 1979, Langer and her team took a group of men in their 80s and placed them in a retreat that was designed to replicate the year 1959. The retreat was designed to be as authentic as possible, with all the amenities and activities that were available in 1959. The participants were encouraged to think and act as if they were actually living in that time period.

The results of the study were striking. The participants experienced improvements in various measures of physical and cognitive function, such as vision, hearing, and mental acuity. They also reported feeling more energetic and youthful.

Langer’s research has shown that mindset and perception can have a powerful impact on various aspects of health and well-being. By changing the way we think about ourselves and our environment, we can potentially improve our physical and mental functioning, and even extend our lifespan. This has important implications for how we approach aging and health in general.

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