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Alison Wood Brooks is a professor at Harvard Business School and an expert in the field of social psychology. One of her research interests is the role of emotions in decision making and communication. Ms. Wood Brooks emphasizes the following four concepts for better conversation.

  • Talking: This seems self evident & doesn’t require a definition.
  • Asking: Requesting information or clarification from someone. Asking questions can be an important part of effective communication because it allows people to better understand each other’s perspectives and ideas.
  • Levity: A lightness or humor in a situation. In communication, levity can help to reduce tension or defuse difficult situations. It can also help to create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Kindness: being considerate towards others & their perspective. In communication, kindness can help to create a more positive and respectful dynamic between people. It can also make people feel more comfortable and open to sharing their thoughts and ideas.

It may be true the above is simple yet can be significant during interactions. Incorporating these elements into communication can help to create a more productive, respectful, and enjoyable exchange of ideas.

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