Just Suppose & Level Up: Gratitude – “Just Suppose” – Smile 1.22

Gratitude – “Just Suppose” – Smile

Gratitude: Can it be a technique for self-improvement?
Research seems to indicate Gratitude can be a powerful, yet subtle and simple, method to improve mood and overall outlook.  Gratitude also seems to improve focus and resilience.  Serotonin, the long-term feel-good hormone, appears to be associated with gratitude.  Practicing gratitude may increase serotonin levels in the long term.

The technique: simply appreciate what you currently have. Appreciate the people, possessions, and environment you currently have.  Practice a couple times per day for one to three minutes.  The process can be as simple as thinking or verbally expressing gratitude or writing in a journal.  This process seems to communicate to the subconscious mind you have enough, at present, and creates a sense of present certainty.  This sense of certainty seems to make it easier to create plans for future goals. 

A second benefit of practicing gratitude can be “Mindfulness.”  Mindfulness is being in the present moment rather than ruminating on past or future concerns.  The mind will be in the present when considering the current assets in life. Certainly, the mind will return to address needed matters. Yet, the combination of gratitude, and being mindful, could calm the mind when returning to life’s considerations. 

“Just Suppose:” A phrase to encourage thinking…
“Just Suppose” can be an effective phrase to encourage conversation.
Robin: I don’t know if I really want to go the grocery store with you, Batman.
Batman: Just suppose you did go to the grocery store with me. Why would you want to go?
Robin: Well, I want to eat healthier.  I might look at different fruits & vegetables.
Batman: That’s a great reason!  I’d like to see what you choose. I’m leaving in about 15 minutes.
The example is a simplified and you get the idea. “Just Suppose” can be helpful in gaining new information from people (building rapport).

Body to Mind: Create a Smile
Research seems to indicate we perform better when in a good state of mind.  How could we move to a better state of mind when we aren’t feeling it?  A simple technique to lift mood is with a pen.  Hold the ends of the pen in left and right hands so an end is on either side of the mouth.  Bite down gently on the pen.  This is forcing a  smile.  Smiling encourages a better mood.  The better mood may assist in completing the task or lift mood in general.  In a way, this is reverse engineering the smile.  Normally, we are happy and we smile.  With this technique, the act of smiling creates a good feeling to overcome a negative feeling.  Always consider if this technique is appropriate for your dental condition.

Disclaimer: The “Just Suppose Newsletter,” and Blog Post, share ideas in exploring personal progress as derived from various sources.  It is intended as information only and is not intended as advice to engage in any specific physical or mental activity.  Always consider whether these ideas, concepts, techniques & activities are right for you & always confer with your health professionals.