Emotional Granularity: Defining & Expanding Feelings

Lisa Feldman Barrett introduced the concept of Emotional Granularity. Ms. Barrett suggests our emotional experiences are far more complex and intricate than simple definitions.  The mind becomes intrigued, and more adaptable, by defining emotions in broader detail.

What is Emotional Granularity? It’s the ability to consider emotions with more detail & expanding beyond simple ideas of “happy” or “sad.”  “Happy” could be expanded to “feeling healthy and looking forward to a planned event.”  Our brains construct emotions through a combination of sensations, past experiences, cultural context, and language. This means emotional experiences are unique and diverse.

According to Ms. Barrett, having a rich emotional vocabulary is key to navigating feelings. By expanding the emotional vocabulary, the mind becomes more curious and less anxious (See my article Subconscious Mind’s Quest for Certainty for more details) . This enhances personal understanding and helps to manage and regulate emotions effectively

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