The Critique Sandwich

To provide effective feedback consider the “Critique Sandwich.”  The basic structure is:

  • Praise any positive elements of the opinion or presentation.
  • Offer Constructive Critique.
  • End with additional compliments

Begin on a positive note by acknowledging strengths and achievements, creating a foundation of trust. For instance, if offering feedback on a presentation, praise elements like engaging delivery or effective visuals.

Transition to the core of your feedback—the critique—by providing specific and actionable suggestions for improvement. Maintain a constructive tone, focusing on growth rather than blame. For instance, suggest incorporating personal anecdotes to enhance audience engagement in a presentation.

Conclude with another round of compliments, reinforcing positive aspects and expressing confidence in the individual’s ability to implement changes successfully. This approach, known as the Critique Sandwich, not only provides valuable feedback but also fosters a supportive environment for growth and development.

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Disclaimer: The “Just Suppose Blog” shares ideas in exploring personal progress as derived from various sources.  It is intended as information only and is not intended as advice to engage in any specific physical or mental activity.  Always consider whether these ideas, concepts, techniques & activities are right for you & always confer with your health professionals.