Mirror Neurons: Our Subconscious Connection

If you’ve ever reacted to another person’s situation, as if almost feeling it, it could be due to specific brain neurons called “Mirror Neurons.”  Mirror Neurons allow us to experience the actions of others without actually being part of their action.  These brain cells activate, not only when we perform an action, but also when we see someone else performing an action. It’s like the brain’s way of saying, “I can relate to that in some way.”  They allow us to react to another person’s success, and challenges, on a deeper level than just seeing, or hearing, a particular situation.

Mirror neurons act subconsciously and assist in socialization. They encourage:

  • Empathy: Feeling the highs and lows of others’ emotions.
  • Imitation and Learning: From tying shoelaces to perfecting dance moves.
  • Language: Enhancing communication, one gesture and word at a time.

It can be a two way communication.  People could be reacting to you through their mirror neurons.  Others can possibly sense a state of calm, or enthusiasm, depending on the state being projected to them.

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