Growing The Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck has brought attention to the concept of the Growth Mindset.  Through her experiments she has detailed factors to encourage a Growth Mindset.  Ms. Dweck has shown how praise for processes, and effort, were most effective.  Participants increase their future efforts, choose more difficult challenges, and succeed in improving when praised for effort and processes.  They were also more mindful when failing and sought alternative solutions.

Conversely, she noted participants who were praised for their identity, as in “you’re so smart,” tended to perform worse in subsequent challenges.  These participants also chose easier future challenges in an effort to support the identity.  They were also more likely to embellish their performance when discussing it with others. 

It could also serve to describe oneself by actions rather than a label.  I could describe myself as a hypnotist.  Or I could describe myself by saying, “I assist clients to end smoking, lose weight, and overcome fears.  I assist clients through hypnosis.”  I describe myself by my processes rather than an identity.

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