Hypnosis and Pain: Clinical Results

This study is the first of its kind in about 20 years to analyze all the controlled studies on the use of hypnosis for relieving clinical pain. The researchers looked at studies that compared hypnosis to other treatments or no treatment at all. They found 42 studies with a total of 45 trials that met their criteria.

The results showed that hypnosis has a significant impact on relieving pain. On average, participants who received hypnosis had a greater reduction in pain compared to about 73% of people in the control group. These findings suggest that hypnosis is an effective intervention for reducing clinical pain.

The researchers also found that the quality of the studies and the participants’ ability to be hypnotized influenced the effectiveness of hypnosis. When the studies had higher methodological quality ratings and participants were highly suggestible to hypnosis, the effects were even stronger.

Overall, this study supports the idea that hypnosis is a highly effective treatment for relieving clinical pain.

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