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Clients have asked about the likelihood that hypnosis will help them end smoking. I will say that I cannot guarantee a client will end smoking.  However, I will explain that motivation and expectation are key.

Motivation: the client is more likely to succeed if the client is motivated to end smoking.  Those who are persuaded to quit by another can also be successful.  This would depend on their commitment to their persuader and themselves.

Expectation: the client may have a little initial uncertainty with the process.  Usually, the client will have their expectation increased after our initial conversation.  I believe my client will end smoking after our meeting.  Other articles on this blog confirm how expectation, and mindset, lead to better outcomes.  Can Expecting Good Outcomes Create Good Results?

Researchers have found common elements that improve the probability that hypnosis is helpful to end smoking:

  • More visits are better than fewer.
  • Individual visits are more effective than group.
  • Personalized text is more effective than standardized manuals or scripts.

Considering the above, I suggest two visits.  I also speak with the client prior to meeting to develop a personalized text for the client.  I also provide an audio for continued support.

I personally consider smoking to be associated with one of three factors: one’s identity, an activity, or an event.

  • Identity: the client began smoking prior to age 18. This client will typically identify as a smoker due to smoking at an early age.
  • Activity: usually involves a social group and/or consumption of food or beverage.
  • Event: A significant event that prompts the smoker to continue or causes a prior smoker to begin again.

There can be a combination of the above.  This is why I prefer to speak to the client, prior to meeting, to understand their relationship to smoking and develop the proper script.

Here are a few references regarding the above.

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