How “Why” Matters

Language is clearly essential in my work with clients. Here’s a thought on the lighter side of psychology and use of words.

How we speak to ourselves, and others, can matter in achieving an objective.  An interesting case is the word “why.”  There seems to be a negative tension in the statement, “Why did you do that?” when questioning a person’s motives.  However, a positive feeling comes from “Let me explain why I volunteered.”  In the second statement, the “why” is more inviting.

There is a thought to use “why” with positive ideas and “what” or “how” in challenging situations.  Instead of “why did you do that?” the negative tension is reduced with “what made you do that” or “how did you decide that?”  There can be varying opinions on this concept.  However, using “why” for positive situations and “how” or “what” for challenging situations seems be a good rule for improving rapport with others.  This might also work with self-examination in questioning personal motives, actions and considerations.

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*Milton Erickson was a well known hypnotist and developed the Ericksonian Method of Hypnosis.  This method is typically conversational and significant in the field of hypnosis.