State Based Memory, Learning and Behavior is a concept that the state of mind at the time of an event will predict how one might react if a similar situation should occur.  But it also suggests that if a person wants to perform in a certain way the person needs to recreate the state of mind that will best suit that situation.  An interesting experiment was done where rats were given a drug and taught to run a maze.  When the sober rats were put in the maze, they didn’t perform as well.  However, when under the influence of the drug, a second time, they recalled the series of the maze and performed well.  This suggests that if a person studies in a relaxed state of mind that relaxed state of mind would be beneficial to perform well on the exam.  A different state of mind might cause reduced performance on the exam.

The concept suggests if one studies in a relaxed state then the relaxed state should be maintained when taking the exam. Hypnosis, and simple relaxation techniques, prepare you to manage your state of mind when performance is required. And, this is not a process of alteration but a process of bringing out more of who you are. It’s a process of you having the feeling of “yeah, I’ve got this” rather than second guessing the strengths and resources you already have and continue to build on. You will learn how to reduce anxiety and improve your confidence while learning to create a focused state of mind.
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