Thomas Edison & His Self Hypnosis Technique

Thomas Edison is a well-known inventor and founder of Edison Electric which became General Electric.  What is lesser known is he had a technique of entering into a relaxed mental state to aid in the creation of his inventions.

Mr. Edison would begin relaxing in a reclined position.  In this position, he would hold a metal ball.  On the floor, next to him, would be a metal plate.  As he drifted toward sleep, the metal ball would drop from his hand, hitting the metal plate.  The noise would arouse him from a sleep state and he would maintain a relaxed mental state while pondering his ideas.

I have described the four general brain states of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta in a prior article.  It is presumed Mr. Edison was entering the Delta State (sleep).  The metal ball striking the plate would probably arouse him to the Theta State (focused relaxation).  He could have trained himself to vary between a Theta and Delta State depending on his objective.

The Theta State is known to be a creative state of mind.  There can be a number of ways to enter the creative Theta State.  There is the possibility Mr. Edison came upon his technique accidentally.  He may have been thinking of an invention, drifted toward sleep, and the invention suddenly became clearer.  He liked the effect and created a process, that worked for him, so he could access his creative state in the future.

We could develop our own technique for similar results. We might consider variations of an audio, eye movement methods, mind/body focus, or the Edison-type Technique to develop a personal method.  We could use a few different techniques to determine which is most effective for our individual objectives.

Consider the following article for more information regarding Mr. Edison:

Scientific American Edison Napping Technique

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