Breathing Techniques For Calm & Focus

Box Breathing Revisited, Revised & The Cyclic Sigh

Focused breathing can be instrumental in the Hypnosis Process. Dr. Andrew Huberman explains the optimum balance of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. The body needs oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the correct ratios.  This is because oxygen goes into hemoglobin which carries oxygen through the body.  Carbon dioxide reacts with hemoglobin to release the oxygen from hemoglobin.

Why is this significant? When anxious, people tend to hyperventilate causing more CO2 to be expelled.  Low levels of CO2  prevent the O2 from being liberated from hemoglobin.  This creates an O2 deficiency and increases anxiety. 

This brings us back to Box Breathing with the companion components of The CO2 Test and The Cyclic Sigh.  The CO2 Test is fairly simple: inhale and time the length of the exhale.  Dr. Huberman then notes three categories associated with the length of the exhale and the suggested intervals of Box Breathing:

  • Category 1 would be a 20 second exhale with Box Breathing of 3 second intervals.
  • Category 2 would be a 25 to 45 second exhale with Box Breathing of 6 second intervals.
  • Category 3 would a more than 45 second exhale with Box Breathing of 8-10 second intervals.

As an example, Category 1 people would breath in for 3 seconds, hold for 3 second, exhale for 3 seconds and rest for 3 seconds.  Then repeat the process.  This could then lead to a better O2, and CO2 balance.  It could also increase lung volume.

Dr. Huberman has determined the most effective method for relaxing the mind & body is a technique called The Cyclic Sigh.  This technique involves a deep inhale through the nose.  Then a final quick inhale followed by an exhale through the mouth.  This method seems most effective for relaxation.  Those using this technique for 5 minutes per day were noticeably calm for 24 hours.

The above breathing techniques seem to provide a better O2 to CO2 ratio for calm and focus.

Andrew Huberman’s video can be viewed on YouTube at Andrew Huberman: Breathing Techniques. This video is over 2 hours in length. I have noted the actionable techniques.

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